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Dynamic weighing of rail vehicles

MULTIRAIL® TrainLoadOut is the ideal addition to Schenck Process train loading systems. High-precision inbound and outbound scales allow the loading process to be adapted to the maximum track load in a cost-effective way.

MULTIRAIL® TrainLoadOut is installed without any gaps and thus can be passed over at any speed. Due to its modular design, the system can be adapted to the loading velocity range.

The system is especially suited to long train sets using stop-and-go loading and delivers accurate weighing results.

The basic functions include calculating and displaying weights as well as printing and storing weighing data. All results can also be made available online.

MULTIRAIL® delivers weighing results up to 5 km/h; higher speeds are available upon request. Contact-free rail car identification via RFID, monitoring of the rail car center of gravity and EDP/PDA system interfaces are also optionally available.

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MULTIRAIL® TrainLoadOut - Loading optimization

MultiTrain™ TrainLoadOut - Loading optimization