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Extra large range breaker booms

Applications demanding long reach and high breaking power require a Sandvik Extra large breaker boom. These applications include gyratory crushers in mines and quarries and grizzlies in mines.

Sandvik Extra large range booms are designed based on years of experience, research, and listening to customer feedback, and are all productive, efficient, and reliable.

Extra large range booms also feature a multi-fit pedestal, making replacing existing, worn-out boom systems more convenient. Also, the number of different parts in the pedestal boom system is cut to a minimum by fitting the same cylinders for all boom functions and other modular design features.


  • Gyratory crushers
  • Grizzlies


  • Heavy Duty design for lower running costs
  • Long reach up to 17 meters
  • Modular design allows for easy replacement of parts, as well as simple assembly
  • Heavy-duty cylinders don't wear as quickly, maximizing productivity for longer periods
  • Round pedestal for even stress distribution
  • Adjustable pedestal angle
  • Sandvik full electrification makes the Extra large range breaker booms more energy efficient