Breaker accessories

Breaker Accessories

Sandvik breaker accessories range from simple, practical auxiliary kits to advanced automatic Ramlube lubrication systems, digital monitoring Ramdata systems and effective Ramair dust suppression systems.

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Sandvik has designed all the accessories to ensure a long, trouble-free lifetime with higher productivity. Their purpose is to enable the tool system to be tailored to meet different demands in different applications and working environments. They help the system achieve higher productivity, even greater reliability and reduced operating costs, with minimal environmental impact.


Sandvik RD3 remote monitoring device uses advanced electronics to sense the impacts and stresses on the breaker. The device collects data about location, operating hours and othet beneficial information for better operation and safety.

Ramlube I breaker accessory

Sandvik Ramlube I can be used for lubricating the breaker tool and tool bushings. It can be fitted to all Sandvik breakers with the pump unit housed within the carrier's engine compartment and is powered electrically. Ramlube I is reliable in operation and can extend the life of various parts.

Breaker tool is subject to extreme wear that requires proper lubrication and care to achieve long, trouble-free life. Tool lubricant must also have properties to withstand high temperature and intense pressure. Sandvik Ramlube II is a solution to these common issues and extends the lifetime of parts that would usually wear quickly. The equipment enables you to maximize uptime and productivity.

Ramlube III

Sandvik Ramlube is an integrated lubrication device mounted inside the breaker's housing. The power cell itself provides maximal lubrication while only using minimum grease amount, prolonging the tool and bushing life.

Ramair breaker accessory

Sandvik Ramair is an air flush system which produces compressed air to prevent dust entering the breaker mechanism, whilst cooling the breaker when working in hot conditions.

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