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Premium crushing chamber

Sandvik offers an innovative range of premium chamber solutions that are created based on your needs, and deliver consistently high availability and reliability. These patented solutions offer significant productivity gains and safety improvements in your crushing operations, and improve your bottom line.

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Flexifeed mantle for your secondary crushing applications

Our Flexifeed (FF) mantle – or moving liner – is engineered for your secondary crushing applications and offers up to a 20% longer lifetime compared to a correctly configured standard chamber. It has a varying feed opening that is ideal if the crusher feed is not calibrated.

Oversize Breaker (OB) mantle for crushing applications

Our Oversize Breaker (OB) mantle is part of our “short” chamber solutions for tertiary or final crushing applications.

Our innovative Optiagg solution, designed for the tertiary or final crushing stages, is our latest premium offering which offers up to 30% more desired product (whether it is a P80 or a target fraction).

Sandvik High Reduction (HR) concave

Our High Reduction (HR) concave – or fixed mantle – is part of our “short” chamber solutions. It has a unique shelf design that increases the crushing chamber pressure in finer applications.

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